Spicing Up A Restaurant Or Cafe With A “Theme Day”


Restaurants and Cafe owners! Are you looking for ways to bring in new customers? What about redesigning your interior and bringing a bit of life back into your everyday working world? Why not host a themed day or week?! Both the complicated themes like ‘1940’s Gangsters’ in addition to the more simple themes like ‘Polka-Dot’ can really help break up the monotony of the work place every day. It will paint your cafe or restaurant as a fun loving, great place; you’ll get to have fun while doing it and the chances are that you’ll bring in a load of new customers, particularly if you make it a regular event! Local advertising and events listings can help increase your exposure and give the impression that you have a restaurant that is one to visit regularly in order to keep up to date with new menus or dining experiences.

We’ve compiled a list of great hints and tips to get you started on making your themed day as successful as possible.


Little things make a big difference. Whether it is just a few beach style posters stuck to the counter, or a small inflatable palm tree in the corner, props will really help add to your themed day. Plan your props for your space and your budget however; giant stuffed animals aren’t going to work if your customers spend half their time edging around them. The aim is to add to the atmosphere and not detract from or disrupt your core business. Be sensible, but be fun!


A cocktail of the day is even better when it is themed. Renaming drinks to suit the theme will make the whole experience more enjoyable, and comically named drinks almost always go down well with guests, especially if you can fit some bad puns around the names as well! This works just as well for non-alcoholic cocktails and so any restaurant or cafe can benefit from this idea.

Equally as important as the drinks; themed dishes are a must for themed days. Don’t spend hours changing your whole menu as it can be complicated and time consuming. Add maybe one or two dishes to each course that represents the theme you are currently celebrating. Changing the names of some of the other dishes to suit the theme would work well too! You may want to add your themed dishes alongside your most popular regular dishes so as not to deter any regular customers.

Make fancy dress optional for your employees. It really works well if they get involved with the theme day as well. However don’t force your employees to wear a costume, instead provide some simple garments (eyepatches for pirate themed etc.) that they can put on if they feel left out. Let your employees really get into the themed days, it’ll be more fun that way!

Mask Backdrop

Costumes do not fail to delight youngsters and being served your meal from a pirate is also a sure-fire way to get your child to eat their meal. Just remember to keep it professional and age appropriate at all times.


Hosting a themed competition can be a great way to encourage people to sit and dine. Just a simple raffle for a free dining experience for 2, or a themed quiz that you can hand in along with your bill will engage people, and they’ll ultimately have a more enjoyable experience. Who knows, next time they might bring friends! In offering incentives or prizes you are seeking to engage your customers with your business and connect with them on a different level that can add to the regular customer service they can expect from you.

The possibilities for themes are endless, but it is better to make sure that they are all child friendly, as you could be isolating potential customers who want to dine out with their children. Always bear in mind your regular clientele and even canvas some for their opinions if you have the chance to. The idea is to ensure that all guests feel they are listened to and looked after whilst they are eating at your establishment and if you only have small premises, the personal approach will always be noted and appreciated by your customers. Regardless, setting a regular themed day or evening for your cafe or restaurant is a fun experience, and can prove extremely successful in the long run!

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A Guide to the Eateries of Turkey


Turkey flourishes as one of the oldest empire for over 500 years. It boasts of various cuisines from Asia to Europe and not forgetting its unique ethnic groups. It is time we investigate the whereabouts of the national cuisines of the Ottoman Empire. At the palaces, chefs were keen on keeping the sultans happy and well fed. They became creative in their own culinary skills beyond the common kebabs and mezes. They had all the necessary ingredients that came from faraway places. Thanks to the trade routes that passed their city. History seems to repeat itself in the minds of the chefs and restaurant owners, as they try to seek old recipes from libraries to bring the taste of the ancient times on their tables.

turkish food

Here is the list of the famous eateries to try in Turkey to pamper their taste buds

Turkey Restaurants

Lokanta is the basic form of all the Turkish restaurants. This restaurants feature simple to a home and charming food experience. They mostly sell readymade food; laid out in dishes kept warm on hot ash or in a bain-marie. They sometimes have a menu which include a soup, eggplant dish, chickpea stew, maybe some beans and few meat dishes .They trust your eyes to choose what you see and like and they are like buffet type. Their vegetables are seasonal if you find them give yourself a good serve with delicious garlic yoghurt. They serve a lot of vegetable dishes and a few meat dishes and most importantly not miss rice and pilaf and their deserts are dough based with rice pudding

Roadway eateries

The Roadway eateries in the Turkey are called Kebabc which are low key and cheap eateries which are found open 24 hours in many cases. They serve grilled or roasted meat, soup, simple salads, cool drinks and ayran. The dishes are well cooked, hot and very appetizing dishes; very common during lunch hours. They have adopted some Asian culture from the way they have placed the seats outside, overlooking the sea and inside a fusion of two cultures, Arab and Turkey dishes which is worth a try.

Turkish Pizzas

The Turkish version of Pizzas are called as a Pideci which are considered to be as a slice of heaven and worth tasty. Choose your pizzas made of meat and various meat toppings with an ayran and cola and enjoy the delicious dish.

Tatlici- A specialist dessert place

In Turkey, it’s normal after a main meal in the restaurant to go on to the Tatlici- A specialist in the dessert dishes. Here in the Tatlici, you can find European style of cakes, ice creams and many other local special dishes such as baklava, helva and lokum.


Borekci – cupboard sized kiosk

A Borekci is a cupboard sized kiosk or a tiny window in the wall with a few benches and stools. The only stuff that can be available here is the ayran, small selection of the cold drinks and a different kind of local dishes. These places are the most famous for a quick breakfast in Turkey and almost all the dishes would be completed by the afternoon.

Apart from the above mentioned eateries, they are also some very famous private restaurants and hotels in the Turkey that offers some delicious turkey dishes. Anyone planning on visiting this magical European nation to sample some of the best of turkey dishes at their own restaurants they have to apply for their Turkey visas at their nearest Turkish embassies.


Delicious foods to look out for in Morocco


There are many treasures to be found in Moroccan society, but few as precious as its delectable cuisine. Appreciating the foods of Morocco isn’t difficult because the unique blend of spices and flavours are undeniably tasty. It says a lot when you can sample a dish and know that it’s Moroccan. Due to the diverse, geographical range of the country, meals in Morocco draw inspiration from both land and sea. Do yourself a huge culinary favour and make sure to give each dish its delicious due. Here are five foods to nosh on when you find yourself in this resplendent country.

Couscous for Everyone

You may have had couscous at a local restaurant or even prepared it at home. However, nothing will compare to the couscous you will taste in Morocco.


This particular semolina-based pasta comes from Berber culture and is considered one of the traditional fares of North Africa. The best couscous is steam cooked over a slow simmering stew. Typically paired with meat (beef, lamb, or chicken) or vegetables, couscous can also be served as a main meal or sweet desert that is akin to rice pudding. Except with Moroccan couscous, the mouth-watering blend of almonds and sugar that is kissed by cinnamon will have you dreaming of this delightful grain dish long after you’ve left the country.

Languish over Lentils

Moroccans understand how to preserve ingredients that can be used for future cooking. Part of the climate is actual desert and, in arid regions, food preservation is fundamental. That is why you will find many Moroccan dishes include legumes like chickpeas, fava beans, and lentils. That is also part of what makes food fare so sumptuous.  Lentil soup is a staple dish for the Moroccan people, but it’s a gourmet experience for travellers. Long-simmering vegetables stew together and the lentils draw each ingredient into a deliciously, coherent dish. 

Save the Dates

Looking over a Moroccan menu, you’re almost certain to find dates on the list. Cultivated millions of years ago, this sweet fruit of the date palm has long been a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, including the Moroccan region.

dates on the market

One of Morocco’s most flavourful sauces is date sauce. Date sauce is extremely versatile because it can be used with any type of meat, turning an otherwise basic meal into a transcendent encounter. 

Lean Tagine

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a plateful of Chicken Tagine, then you already have an idea of how good it is. In Morocco, this dish goes beyond good. It is simply exquisite. While there are plenty of mouth-watering meat-based dishes to be had, an authentic Moroccan Tagine encapsulates how tart, sweet and savoury manage to blend perfectly. This meal is a tasty trifecta that represents Moroccan cuisine at its finest.

Use Bread Instead

Moroccan tradition generally eschews the use of spoons, forks and knives. Instead of commonplace utensils, people use their hands or bread to scoop up meals — and it only enhances the experience and taste. Served fresh, true Moroccan flatbread, also known as R’ghayef, is made from semolina-based flour. A delightful crisp crust belies the soft, flaky inner layer of the bread. It is divine and must be had.

Bonus Fare: The Mint Condition and Orange Delight

No other region does mint or orange flavouring quite like Morocco does. Mint is a staple herb in Moroccan cuisine and, over time, its flavouring has been incorporated into just about every type of meal. You can taste hints of mint in just about any appetizer, main meal or dessert, but the most celebrated use in found in a refreshing cup of green tea. Moroccan mint green tea is so well-known that it has its own ceremony. The Moroccan tradition is to pour the tea a foot above the glass, giving each serving a bit of froth that enhances its flavour. Prior to serving, the tea is steeped with fresh mint leaves. The result is what makes Moroccan mint tea unlike any other — simple, yet amazing.

Orange blossom water is something you won’t have to order because it will probably be an ingredient in at least one of the meals you sample. From tea to main entrees, Moroccan cuisine makes good use of this flavourful flower. Don’t worry about recognizing the taste because it’s unmistakable. Extraordinary and unique, it will quickly, yet pleasantly, tickle your palate.

Moroccan food is so distinctively appealing and enjoyable that missing one of these foods will be a major misstep. Don’t let that happen. The next time you take a trip to Morocco, commit to give your taste buds a scintillating treat and try one of these dishes. So, dive in and be delighted.