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Tips for the Perfect Hog Roast

As the weather takes a chilly turn, thoughts drift to crackling fires, warm fuzzy blankets and hot chocolate designed to hit that sweet spot deep in your belly. Everybody has their favourite type of Christmassy, wintery meal that they love...
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Iberico Ham – Sophisticated, Elegant and Superbly Delicious

Iberico ham is to meat what champagne is to alcohol. It is sophisticated, elegant, superbly delicious, and matures with age to a wonderful taste. The mouth-watering aroma wafting from a piece of Iberico ham at a Spanish tavern, bar, or...
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Food Smokers – Smoke Your Own Meats

For many people up and down the country the traditional way to prepare food in the summer months is to use a BBQ, but did you know you can also use a food smoker?...
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