Emma Forbes came to fame as a popular broadcaster on tv and radio, now she is making her mark online.

In a recent interview in Coutts Women Emma Forbes talked about becoming and adjusting to being an entrepreneur.

She makes reference to her family business activities and is proud of her website Forbes Style on which we discovered this classic recipe for kedgeree – a quintessentially English dish ideal for the forthcoming Royal Wedding.

Kedgeree the perfect royal Wedding Dish

Whether you are throwing a street pary or just want to sit with a tray in front of the TV kedgeree is the answer for everything.

First of all you want some smoked haddock – poach in milk for a few minutes then flake of the fish from the skin and put it into a bowl.

Once you’ve poached your fish you are basically assembling the ingedients. Take a bowl of cooked and drained long grain white rice and add in the fish slowly flaking as you do – that way you will find any tiny bones

Mix in finely chopped spring onions and celery – a big bunch of finely chopped parsley then add some chopped up hard boiled eggs.

Then to finish pour in some single cream whilst continuing to mix.

The finishing touches are seasoning (careful the fish is already salty) and Emma’s extra touch is adding a few sultanas although normally she prefers the simplicity of the dish – it tastes good hot, warm or cold.