Travelling around the world is a fantastic way to see new things, experience new cultures and to discover yourself and grow as an individual. You’ll come back changed, more individual, more grown up and with a mysterious look that tells a story. Forget that though – it’s also an ideal way to discover lots of great beer… Even if that’s not the reason you go, then there are certainly some great beers out there that you should try if you are going to be exploring. To help you on your way, here we will look at some beers from various different locales around the world that can give you just a taste of what is available.

Note: Beer is affected by many things including shipping and the local water. Drinking foreign beer that’s been imported is not the same as drinking it in its own country, and likewise there is a very distinct difference between beers from various regions meaning it’s great to try them out as you travel.


The answer here is of course Guinness. ‘But I’ve already tried Guinness’ you might be thinking. Well unless you have been to Ireland before then no you haven’t , not really. You see a lot is lost in translation when Guinness is shipped and the flavour is very affected by it. Drink this beer in Ireland itself meanwhile and you will get a much richer and smoother drink. The best place of all of course to try it is in the Guinness factory and you’ll get a free pint when you do the tour.


If you’re travelling in Southern Africa then you can expect to find a lot of beer – seeing as it’s the most popular alcoholic beverage in the country. What you need to try here to be really adventurous is an indigenous beer such as ‘Chibuku’, which is a drink made from maize and sorghum and that comes in a carton. It’s sour and has a porridge like consistency making it very different to what you might drink elsewhere.


Cobra is an Indian beer which has become popular in the UK where it is often enjoyed alongside a curry. It’s a very easy beer to drink, so much so that it can compliment a firey madras.


England is a fan of ales traditionally and each region will have its own ale which you should be able to get on tap. If you want one with an unusual name then travel down to Cornwall and try ‘Betty Stogs’.


One Chinese beer ‘Tsingtao’ is a drink with an interesting back story – named after a German port. The colonial authorities at the time imported a Bavarian brewery for the expats living there at the time.


Here you will want to try the Westy 12, or ‘Wesvleteren’ as it is more accurately known. This is a beer that is only available from the Abbey, and one that has very limited supply. That’s what makes it such an exciting drink to find and one that’s worth going out of your way for. Great for bringing up in subsequent conversations to look ‘travelled’.


There are just too many beers to try in Germany, but if you want to try something a little different then go for Leipziger Gose. Instantly ‘different’ due to being salty in flavour, it’s certainly an acquired taste but you wont be disappointed if you were hoping for something memorable.

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